Sample consolidation in China

After registering, you can select a membership and then your own shipping address in China will be displayed in the Dashboard menu.
Yes the address is free.
Yes, you can forward your delivery address to the sender. And we can accept your parcels from now on
Our warehouse is in China Shenzhen. Domestic shipping usually takes 1-3 days.
Yes, after receipt of the shipment we will notify you by email. Please forward your delivery address to the sender in exactly the same way, this is the only way we can assign your shipment.
Yes, we can also accept cash on delivery packages. We will pass the costs on to you.
You can track the parcels that have not arrived in the "All parcels" menu with the shipment tracking. We will check and assign the shipments.
You can create a new dispatch in the "Dispatch orders" menu. You can select all the packages that you would like to have packed together and we will put the package together within 24 hours and inform you of the costs and the shipping weight by email.
We accept bank transfer, Paypal and credit card payment. The costs are shown in the "Shipping orders" menu and you can pay the costs by bank transfer or PayPal. Our bank details are in the EU. The money is received the next day and as soon as we have received the money, we will send the package.
Yes, you are free to choose your destination address.
We always send our shipments by express door-to-door delivery time 5-7 days.
You can find your tracking number in the shipping orders menu
The free storage time for the free membership is 30 days, Premium 60 days and Premium Plus 90 days. To extend the storage time, you can book a premium package. We charge € 1,65 per day based on the free storage time. You can also dispose of the parcels for 5 € per parcel

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

The fastest way to reach us is via WhatsApp. 00852 93561917