Quality control AQL Level II &

Sorting out defective goods in China


Safety first!




Quality control

What is being checked?
In China, we check the quality of the goods according to the AQL Level II standard, i.e. the completeness, the implementation of your specifications and the packaging.

With a detailed quality control during or after production, you can decide before shipping whether products need to be improved. You will not experience any nasty surprises when you receive the goods! This also saves time and money.

Sorting out defective goods

What is being checked?
The defective pieces are sorted out. This means that the defective goods are separated from the good goods in order to B. to have the defective parts repaired or not to remove them.
This gives you the opportunity to purchase only 100% defect-free goods or to have all defective goods repaired by the supplier.


QUALITY CONTROL throughout CHINA - including video INSPECTION! 

229 €

AQL Level II - 1 performance day

- All-inclusive rates for inspections with no hidden fees

- Inspection possible within 48 hours, in all regions of China

- Specialists for every product area

- including pictures, video and personal assessment by the inspector

- Inspection reports according to AQL standard

- Telephone support & solutions as well as meeting

- Renegotiations with the manufacturer


QUALITY CONTROL in the Shenzhen warehouse

129 €


Sorting out defective goods in the shenzhen warehouse

99 €

ADD ON ACCESSIBLE (up to 600 units)